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Intelligent spare parts prediction

Predictive spare parts optimization with our intelligent Service1 spare parts prediction.

Ersatzteilbedarf automatisch vorhersagen lassen
Improve quality and profitability in your service.

Spare parts prediction from Service1

Service1 Spare Parts Prediction uses artificial intelligence to recommend the spare parts that are likely to be needed, based on historical data, as soon as the order is accepted. On the one hand, the suggestion is statistically based on error codes, on the other hand, textual descriptions are used to identify which spare parts might be needed.

Increase the first-time completion rate.

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Increase the profitability of your service contracts

Get perfect forecasts

The combination with MRP management leads to a great added value for service organizations: Spare parts can either be ordered immediately for the technician, or the technician who has the relevant parts in stock is selected directly.

The technician now only orders the parts that he really only needs.

Automatic spare parts replenishment

The advantages of the module