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Smart IoT Events

Easily monitor devices in real time and detect and fix maintenance issues early.

With Service1 Smarte IoT Events, automated actions can accelerate your field service processes.

Service1 Smarte IoT Events
The Next Generation of Field Service Management

IoT - service can be this smart

If technical devices are connected via the IoT, this data can be used to determine whether a device will go out of service, will soon go out of service, or whether an action on the part of the operator or technician is necessary. Interpretation of the data and derivation of necessary actions is mostly based on specific IoT platforms. The Service1 Smart IoT Event ties the IoT platform to the operation and service. This allows dedicated automated actions to be scheduled for events, such as maintenance or repair with specified spare parts. Likewise, operators or other units responsible in the operation can be addressed.

Smart IoT mit Service1
Work smart - save time and money

The benefits of IoT events

Through the use of sensors and networked devices, Smart IoT Events can detect problems early and send notifications to technicians to alert them to potential issues. Service1 uses this information to minimize downtime and optimize maintenance. This can improve efficiency and repair timeframes.

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