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Professional knowledge management from GMS and Empolis.
The competitive advantage for your service organization.

Knowledge management for higher customer satisfaction

Expert knowledge always and everywhere - for everyone!

Service1’s knowledge management accesses the knowledge available in the company and makes it intelligently available to users. In this way, end customers can solve many problems on their own. Technicians and employees in the service center are also able to complete service orders more quickly with the support of the module.

Nowadays, knowledge is of great value to companies, and in service organizations it is even regarded as a key resource. With this in mind, GMS Development and Empolis are cooperating and have integrated Empolis Service Express® into Service1 Field Service Management.

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The competitive advantage for your service organization.

Expertise always at your fingertips

Nowadays, customers expect service organizations to provide consistently good support. If a device doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly, the customer wants to be able to get it up and running again, even in the evening or on the weekend. With Service1 knowledge management, he can access files – such as video or operating instructions – around the clock, seven days a week, to help him do just that. This means that customers always receive immediate support, and calls to the call center are reduced.

Professional knowledge management from GMS and Empolis.

Fast problem identification guaranteed

Today, order entry staff are often no longer based in the company itself, but in call centers around the world. Ideally, they should go beyond order data entry to identify the nature of the error. It is important to know, for example, whether the customer’s problem is an error that can be corrected by the operator or whether a technician intervention is necessary. Where order entry staff do not have sufficient product knowledge, knowledge management provides help in diagnosing the problem when talking to the customer.

Always access to expert knowledge even during an on-site assignment

Access to expert knowledge

On-site or remote support technicians need to be able to solve infrequent problems quickly and on first contact. To do this, they can access expert knowledge in Service1 that is exclusively available to their target group. If an order is received via a technician’s app, the technician can directly view which steps in the service process have already been completed during preparation. This increases the chance that the technician will be able to troubleshoot the device directly during the first on-site visit. If he needs further support on site, he can search for existing solutions directly in the knowledge database on the basis of keywords.

Skills shortages are no longer a problem from now on!

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Access for all areas

Documentation well organized

Knowledge management bundles all service documents in a central location. Based on a customizable role and rights system, employees have access to all service-relevant information from day one – regardless of the systems and formats in which it is stored. The knowledge management system “speaks” several languages and provides the correct information even in the case of accidental typing errors. Each entry has a preview that helps evaluate search results at a glance. If there are problems with a document, the responsible department can be notified immediately. With just a few clicks, the knowledge management system also learns product names, error codes and synonyms from the individual service jargon and subsequently understands them in different contexts.

Efficient problem solving

The advantages of the module