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The Partner Portal

Service1 Partner Portal – Flexible integration of external companies into all your service processes.

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Integrate your service partners

One for all – the Service1 Partner Portal

External companies of various kinds are being incorporated into the service value chain more and more often. These companies can be anything from sub-contractors to partners who also act as a sales channel. The Service1 Partner Portal enables a flexible integration of external companies into all the necessary service processes.

Service1 Partner Portal
Transfer orders to your partners directly and easily

Dispatch & Debrief

In the Service1 Partner Portal, sub-contractors and partners can first check the orders allocated to them via Scheduling Management. The orders can then be assigned to the relevant engineer with just a few clicks. The engineer, in turn, can see all order details in his Portal and report back when he has completed the order. It is easy to complete checklists and record working times and spare part consumption with the help of the documentation function.

When the process is complete, the module generates a service report that the customer can sign to acknowledge performance of the service. Before the documentation is returned to you for compilation of a final report and invoice generation, the partner has a final opportunity to check all the documents.

Simplify accounting for warranty services

Partner Backoffice

It is easy for sub-contractors to control their engineer organization with the Service1 Partner Backoffice module. As standard, engineers and their location, qualification and access data can be managed. Spare part inventories can also be maintained. In the case of larger engineer organization, Scheduling Management can be integrated as a way of simplifying order allocation. Monthly settlement of performed services can then take place almost entirely automatically, reducing the time and effort required for queries and follow-up work – freeing up resources and money that you can invest in more and better customer service!

Partner Service Portal

The advantages of the module

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