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The innovative Depot Repair App

Turn your depot repair into a showcase for excellent service.

Efficient optimization of your repair processes with the integrated service of our Service1 Depot Repair App. 

Service1 Werkstatt App
And what if a device needs to be sent away for repairs?

Perfect process control – also in the depot

Some devices can be repaired in the depot more efficiently than on the customer’s premises. The Service1 Depot Repair App offers smart, easy control of the entire process – from goods receipt via repair work to dispatch of the repaired item. In this way, the feature ensures seamless integration of the depot into all necessary service processes, which ultimately speeds up the entire repair process.

Turn your depot repair into a showcase for excellent service.

Field Service App
The competitive advantage for your service organization.

Faultless communication for every process

Repair orders that arrive via the Customer Service Portal, Call Centre or Field Service are visible immediately, so that the depot is informed about all upcoming repairs in good time and can plan its capacities accordingly. When the device arrives, it is identified by its barcode. The customer receives an automatic confirmation of delivery, while the depot staff is immediately given all the information it requires to carry out the repairs.

As the service organization and logistics department are part of the network, both the return of the repaired device and the billing process are simplified and accelerated. The Service1 Depot Repair module then arranges the return freight and generates the required accompanying documents automatically.

Optimize your services

Reliable data collection at all times

Naturally, all repairs and possible replacement activities are recorded in Service1, so they are always available in all customer data files and histories. This reduces the amount of data manual that needs to be collected entered manually and saves valuable time in the documentation process.