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The Field Service Performance Package for SAP

The service solution for S/4HANA or SAP Service Cloud

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Powerful Field Service for S/4HANA or Service Cloud

SAP Field Service Management with Service1

Good service inspires customers and reduces costs

Service1 FSM can now also be integrated with SAP S/4HANA and the Service Cloud in the product standard. This means that the wide range of functions for controlling field service can now also be used in interaction with the ERP/CRM platform. Over 2000 technicians are already connected in this way. With our turnkey SAP Field Service Management solution, functions and processes that go beyond the standard are made available to the SAP system, e.g., the Service Cloud or S/4HANA, in the areas of route planning, dispatching, contract management, service-oriented material management, driving time optimization, subscription, and mobile app.

Service1 FSM for SAP – Your benefits:

  • Easy scheduling for many orders per day or even multi-day operations
  • Quick possibility to make an appointment at the first contact in the call center
  • Reduction of travel times through intelligent route planning
  • Effectively manage service contracts
  • Offline-capable technician app available on iOS, Android and Windows
  • Shorter response times thanks to integrated knowledge management and AI for call centers & technicians
  • and much more!

Set new service standards

Download the free FSM info brochure now to learn about all the benefits of Service1 for SAP. Our Field Service Management solution extends beyond the SAP standard, integrating seamlessly with systems such as Service Cloud or S/4HANA.

Don’t wait, find out more!

Johannes Parensen, Senior Director Sales at GMS Development

Service1 for SAP - all info in brochure

Service1 Field Service Highlights for your SAP system

The Next Generation of SAP Field Service Management.

Discover selected module highlights for your SAP system here. We will be happy to present the full scope to you in a non-binding demo. You can request your demo appointment here:

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Service1 Scheduling Management

Optimal deployment, capacity and route planning

Enable your employees to make binding visit appointments. Use the most powerful planning algorithms for your service. Have all the data to be taken into account for deployment, capacity and route planning evaluated fully automatically in a fraction of a second at the push of a button. Take into account skill profiles, spare parts requirements, working time models as well as driving distances and times. Offer your employees several optimized appointment proposals for coordination with your customers. Ensure optimal scheduling and deployment planning while reducing costs. Support your employees with smart assistants, e.g. when rescheduling already scheduled orders. Reduce the travel times and distances of your technicians by 20% to 30% and increase their productivity at the same time.

Contract management for SAP

Effective use of digital contract management

The contract management of Service1 enables the maintenance of all service-relevant contract details for different models such as Pay-Per-Use, Extended Warranty or regular maintenance and their mapping in the service process. It also supports contracts with different clients and also subcontractors. Subscriptions-as-a-Service contracts offer companies in the service industry good opportunities to respond to new customer requirements. Modular offerings that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different users can be included in the contract.

Mobile Field Service in Motion

The Service1 app for SAP and other platforms and devices

Experience the modern and flexible user interface of the service app for SAP in the current video. Effective service, always and everywhere – also for your SAP system.

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More Information

The app from Service1 for SAP

The innovative app for technicians

The Service1 app provides you with the necessary functions and information. The simple and easy-to-understand user guidance makes your technicians’ daily work easier and increases their productivity enormously. Increase the number of your assignments through optimal scheduling and route planning at the push of a button. Easily increase the first-time completion rate through optimal spare parts management. Save up to 30% in time and costs. Comprehensive information on customers, equipment, history, spare parts and conditions is permanently available. This enables your technicians to do their work at any place and at any time. Updating and data exchange take place automatically. Of course, the whole thing is also available offline.

Integrating Service1 FSM into your SAP system

Seamless integration - works!

Service1 offers a comprehensive field service solution that can be seamlessly integrated with SAP (S/4HANA or SAP Service Cloud). By integrating Service1 with SAP, you are able to automate and optimize your service processes, resulting in more efficient operations.

With Service1 it is possible to assign orders in real time, track the status of service orders and update customer status. By integrating Service1 FSM with SAP (S/4HANA or SAP Service Cloud), companies can also collect data on service order costs and time, leading to better decision making.

In addition, Service1’s integration with SAP can lead to improved customer satisfaction by serving customers faster and increasing the transparency of service processes. Service1’s FSM solution enables companies to optimize their maintenance and repair processes and improve their service performance.

Overall, Service1’s integration with SAP provides a variety of benefits, including improved efficiency, better decision-making and increased customer satisfaction. Companies that integrate Service1 with SAP can optimize their service processes and become more competitive.

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Optimize your service and achieve your business goals

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Knowledge management for SAP Field Service included

The knowledge platform with immediate value

Service1’s knowledge management accesses the knowledge available in the company and makes it available to users according to their needs. The end customer can resolve many problems independently, and service orders can be solved more quickly at the service center or by the technician. With Service1, you have effective knowledge management right on board.

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