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LPR mit Service1

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The LPR GmbH Neuss success story.

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Die LPR Group setzt auf Service1

Field Service Lösungen for LPR

Integrated logistics and service solutions

With our leading field service software solution Service1, we at GMS help service companies in the areas of after sales and field service management to achieve more efficient processes. The LPR Group has also converted its processes to “more efficiency” in a four-year project phase. The global player from Neuss now relies on Service1, the innovative all-in-one solution suite, for its after field service. Today, more than 150,000 assignments are managed, processed and completed daily by over 20,000 technicians in more than 70 countries.

LPR Geschäftsführer Michael Bonnes

The challenge

Complex structures at LPR

In the more than 30 years of its existence, the LPR Group from Neuss has earned a reputation as an efficient problem solver in matters of after-sales service. The manufacturer-independent on-site service has always been one of the key unique selling points of the LPR Group. Meanwhile, LPR technicians are in contact with customers a total of more than two million times every year.

“Our high degree of flexibility has led to steady growth, but also to structures becoming increasingly complex,” explains LPR Managing Director Michael Bonnes. “This was in absolute contrast to our claim to be an agile service provider. For us, there was no way around digitization, standardization and automation of our processes. For this, we needed a partner with a lot of experience who could provide the necessary manpower.”

The implementation

Step by step to complete conversion

The complete digitization of an evolved structure made up of many individual, semi-digital processes was an important milestone for LPR. It required intensive preparation and an experienced team.

The teams from LPR and GMS started with a joint design and setup phase to initially connect Service1 to the existing system landscape of LPR and its customers. This involved preparing SAP interfaces, optimizing existing interfaces to customer systems in terms of data technology, and training key users.

The actual development of clear and efficient processes then followed. Parallel to this step, the teams designed a functional user interface for the service technicians on site.

Service1 Auftragserfassung
Productivity up - costs down

Effects from the use of Service1 at LPR

Shorter response times
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Less travel time and kilometers
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Back office savings
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Higher customer satisfaction
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Shorter response times
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The commissioning phases

From simple to complex - no problem for GMS

The starting point was a customer process at the repair center in Neuss at the end of 2019. Mapping and handling this completely via Service1 gave the team the opportunity to learn for further, more comprehensive service processes within a manageable project framework.

In 2020, the implementation team activated additional functionalities and system components as part of a complete rollout, such as a web service interface for order transmission, order scheduling, and spare parts preclarification, and finally also the offline-capable technician app for on-site processing of orders. At the customer’s request, a transparent mechanism for order status updates was also implemented. However, this was not developed as a customer-specific process, but as a standard one, so it can easily be implemented across the board for other customers in the future.

These first two projects were followed by further rollouts in the last two years, during which important adjustments were made, for example in the recording of error and action codes and for special order types and the associated materials management.

LPR was already able to tackle these rollouts increasingly on its own. After the initial, intensive process support, GMS is now concentrating on aspects such as optimizing the user experience. This includes setting up a customer portal through which order status and clarification cases can be tracked by the customer, and replacing e-mail communication with straightforward chat functions. Likewise, GMS made countless Excel lists obsolete in the course of the collaboration.

This is something to see

Service 1 in use at LPR

The partnership between GMS and LPR is truly a success story. LPR from Neuss relies very successfully on the modular field service solution Service1 from GMS Development. The LPR Group is the expert in technical after-sales management and ensures that end customers’ technology can be used smoothly and profitably. Across industries and national borders. With customized services for a wide range of technical solutions.

All powered by Service1!

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More Information

The result

Efficient processes throughout the value chain

Almost all LPR customers are now fully connected to the Service1 system, and more are being added every month. Service1 covers the entire value-added process: from order creation and communication with a customer, through the prequalification of spare parts and their ordering, to technician dispatching and final order processing and documentation on site. All work steps are transparently stored in Service1, which makes things much easier for technicians and service management.

With each customer migrated to Service1, LPR can now see how its processes are becoming more efficient. Not only are technician orders processed much faster than before – fewer second calls are required because customer communication is more direct. In addition, response times, the number of kilometers driven and the capital tied up in spare parts have been reduced.

Another advantage of Service1 is that order data and know-how are recorded centrally. The knowledge previously held by individual technicians is now pooled and will help the LPR Group to leverage further optimization potential in the future.