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Privacy Policy 

GMS Development GmbH 
An der Talle 89 
33102 Paderborn, Germany 

– hereafter:  GMS Development –  

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Your personal details and the protection afforded to personal data are a key concern for us. That is why we do business pursuant to the applicable legal provisions on data protection and data security (e.g., the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. the German Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG] and the German Telemedia Act [Telemediengesetz – TMG]).  

We are aware of the significance of the data you have entrusted to us and would like to provide you with the information below regarding:  

  • the purposes for which your (personal) data is collected, processed and used, 
  • how we use and protect your data, 
  • to whom we disclose data and  
  • how you can assert your rights.  

Please carefully read through the following information.  

  1. Responsible organisation 

With respect to your personal data, the responsible organisation is: 


GMS Development GmbH 
An der Talle 89 
33102 Paderborn, Germany 

Phone: +49-5252-9891-0 
Fax: +49-5252-9891-19 


Should any organisation other than the organisation named above be or become the “responsible organisation” as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), you shall be explicitly and separately notified of such where this is not obvious. 

  1. Use of the application (app) 

Personal data are only collected if you share them with us, such as when registering via, Inc. GMS Development does not collect any personal information submitted to us within the application.  

  1. Registering with your Salesforce credentials 

Registration using your Salesforce account is required to be able to use some of our services. You are not required to undertake any additional registration for our service. Any and all data you enter shall be exchanged exclusively with the services you use (e.g., the identity provider you use when logging in). 

  1. Access to camera and memory 

The application requires access to your device’s camera and memory. Access is solely for the purpose of enabling you to read barcodes and create photos and/or select photos from those you have taken yourself, as well as to enable you to send these photos to selected recipients. 


Furthermore, please note that your photos – when using geotagging – may contain the geographical coordinates showing the location where the picture was taken. If you would like to deactivate geotagging, you may generally make changes to your device’s settings. Alternatively, you may contact the manufacturer of the device regarding activating/deactivating geotagging.  

  1. Submission of failure information 

The application collects data of its internal state in case of failures like version used, device type, operating system and timestamp.. After the next start of the application, you can agree to transfer this data to us, so that we can optimize the application. 

The failure description does not contain any personal data and no data of the content used within the application. 

  1. Term of data use/retention 

Provided deletion does not violate any statutory retention obligations, personal data may be deleted if: 

  • a legitimate claim for deletion is asserted; 
  • the data is no longer required to fulfil the purpose associated with such storage; or  
  • storage is not permitted on other legal grounds. 
  1. Place of data utilisation 

Your data are generally stored on servers located in Germany or within the European Union (EU). However, data may also be processed on servers located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.  


We shall assume no responsibility for the protection of your data by, Inc. or any recipients to which you select to transmit your data. Please find additional information on personal settings in, Inc.’s Data Protection Policy and Terms of Use, as well as those of any recipients you select. 

  1. Data security/secure data transfer 

We would hereby like to inform you that gaps in security may occur when connecting devices via Bluetooth. We are therefore unable to guarantee complete protection of data against unauthorized access by third parties. We use technical and organizational measures (TOMs) to secure our IT systems (including the application) against undesired or unintentional: access, entry, disclosure, input, loss and distribution as well as destruction and modification by unauthorized persons.  


Your personal data are securely transmitted over the Internet using the Transport Layer Security Standard (TLS encryption).  

  1. Rights of parties concerned  

You may object to the use of your details at any time with future effect. Furthermore, you may request corrections be made to incorrect personal information regarding you where you are unable to make such corrections yourself. Pursuant to the statutory requirements, you are of course entitled under your right to information to find out which, if any, data has been stored about you and to what purpose. 


If and insofar as you would like to avail yourself of these rights, please contact GMS Development – Gesellschaft für Software-Entwicklung mbH, preferably in writing at the following address, being sure to provide adequate identification:  


GMS Development GmbH 
An der Talle 89 
33102 Paderborn, Germany 

[email protected]


If you have received this app as a tool from your employer, please contact your employer directly for information and to lodge any objections. 

  1. Amendments to this Privacy Policy 

Amendments may be made to this Privacy Policy from time to time as a result of new features being added to the app, changes in legislation or changes to processes. 


Last updated: 18 July 2018 


Data acc. to § 5 TMG

GMS Development GmbH

An der Talle 89, 33102 Paderborn